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Privacy Policy for Better Bodies Motor Sport Design


Visit your nearest Bank of America (found in most cities across the US) and fill out a deposit slip with Call For Account # and the amount (We only accept cash deposits). Fax the deposit receipt to (619) 690-1457.

Cashier's Check & Money Order

Please note that even with payment options as secure as Cashier's Checks and Money Orders, there will be a clearing period, usually 1-3 business days from the time we receive your check. No need to worry, your parts will be packaged and we will ship as soon as payment tender is verified by the bank.

No Personal or Business Check Accepted
No C.O.D.

All parts must be prepaid by any of the above options.

Buy with Confidence
• Better Bodies Motorsports Designs, LLC has been in the Porsche aftermarket parts business for over 20 years and we continue to grow with each year.
• Business partners. Today we supply some of the most recognized mail order distributors in the country and continue to serve retail customers directly.
• We can always be found, our very own warehouse facility and showroom holds the largest inventory of aftermarket Porsche™ Body parts in the world.
• We are very efficient. Most parts are shipped the same day.
• We cater only to YOU; we only manufacture parts for Porsches™. So buy with the confidence! This is not your typical fly by night business.

We thank you for your support and understanding.

International Sales: We ship to your airport and customer has to pick up at airport, customer is responsible for all duties, taxes, destination charges,broker fees etc. Betterbodies Motorsports only quoted you for shipping charges.

Warranties and Limitations

Better Bodies Motorsports Designs, LLC will replace or repair at our discretion any part that is found to be defective due to materials or workmanship for a period of 15 days from date of invoice. All defective products must be returned freight prepaid. Better Bodies Motorsports Designs, LLC can not and will not assume any responsibility monetary loss, cost of removal, installation, labor, paint, loss of time, or any other cost or inconvenience expressed or implied. We will not accept parts that have been used or altered in any way. Our warranty does not apply to damages resulting from improper installation, or improper use. Our liability is limited to the cost of the original Better Bodies Motorsports Designs, LLC Motorsport Designs part. Through our years of experience we strongly suggest to stay away from body shops that only like to do insurance work and only like to install original parts. They will usually quote you an outrageous price, which usually means they are not interested in doing the installation. We recommend finding a body shop that loves to do custom installations and fabrications, and do not have a problem with getting their hands dirty with fiberglass. We have found that these types of body shops have workers that have the freedom to be creative and have natural talent to do custom work. We call them " The hole in the wall Body shops." It must be strongly understood that custom/aftermarket parts require adjustments and some custom fabrications such as trimming, cutting, shaving, custom brackets,re-adjust mufflers or muffler tips or new mufflers for certain bumpers such as 996 GT3 RS polyurethane bumper. Remember in some cases custom parts require custom installation. ( Even factory parts require additional adjustments ) Take your time to find a competent body shop and try to come up with a fixed price where the body shop knows additional work may be required. For example a contract should read.

J Joe Body shop will install and paint Mr. John Doe's car for this price $xxx.xx. J Joe body shop understands that additional work may be required such as custom work , prep, repair, etc, and there will no additional charges.

We Strongly recommend you to do this because there are a lot of dishonest body shops out there. We also recommend to only give the Body shop 1/3 down payment to start work.


All returns are subject to a 30% restocking fee. No return will be accepted after 10 days from date of shipment. Returns will not be accepted without proper authorization information. Freight must be prepaid

*** Return Policy. This unit is a custom order in which absolutely not returns are permitted regardless of any verbal or email statements from any company representative. This policy supersedes any dispute of said unit on this page and observation of this policy is recommended prior to purchase.


* * * Custom Parts

* * * Parts On Special

* * * Used Or Discontinued Parts

* * * Full Body Kits

* * * Electrical Parts

* * * Custom Orders

* * * Shipping

Special Notes / disclaimers

All prices are subject to change without notice. You may call in to check to see if there have been any changes. Reprinting, in whole or in part, is expressly forbidden except by written permission of Better Bodies Motorsports Designs, LLC Motorsport Designs. The word/name "Porsche" in this catalog is used for description purposes only. No affiliation or conection with or sponsorship or approval by Porsche is intended.Better Bodies Motorsports Designs, LLC is not associated with Porsche Cars North America, Inc. or any of its dealers.

International Sales: We ship to your airport and customer has to pick up at airport, customer is responsible for all duties, taxes, destination charges,broker fees etc. Betterbodies Motorsports only quoted you for shipping charges.

Construction Notes:

This web site is meant to serve as a visual guide and nothing more. It is for your use to see what a particular style kit looks like on the car installed and painted. It is not a representation of fit on a particular model or year of car. This web site is not a representation of how long or how easy it is to install a particular kit. We suggest professional installations for all kits. Since by its nature "Time" and "Ease" of installation are very subjective. Our suggestions on this subject matter cannot be objective from your point of view. What takes you an hour may take someone else four hours and what you may consider difficult someone else may consider easy. But keep in mind that Better Bodies Motorsports Designs, LLC Motor sport cannot be responsible if a product does not meet your Subjective Expectation of what a particular kit has to be.